Tomas Friberg


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Born in Stockholm 1962. Spent most of my youth singing in choirs at the Catharina Church
Started at the age of sixteen (1978) to work att EMS och spent some intense years working there. But electronic music wasn't my thing.
Took private lesssons i composition for Eberhard Eyser 1984-1986 while studying musicology at the Stockholm university
Studied composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm 1986-1990 for amongst other Daniel Börtz (image), Bengt-Arne Wallin, Lars-Erik Rosell.
Chairman for the Foundation of young nordic music (UNM) 1988-1993. Participated with compositions in many of their music festivals and took lessons for, among others, Louis Andriessen (image)
Participated in Fondation Royaumont: Session de composition (1991) with Brian Ferneyhough and Tristan Murail (image)
Participated in Darmstadt ferienkurse fur neue musik (1992) studying with Brian Ferneyhough (image)
Following a kind of nervous breakdown in 1993 I decided to give up music. Instead I studied Library and Information science. It took ten years before I started to compose again.
Now I work part time as a librarian and part time writing music