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 Title: String quartet no 2
 Former title: The unanimated word / 666 : string quartet no 2
 Year: 1993-1994
 Duration: 20
 Setting: for String quartet
 Full setting: Vl 1. Vl 2, Vla, Vlc
 Setting combined: Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello
 Comments: Again a conceptual piece of music. The title was originally "The unanimated word / 666" which tries to give the listener the wrong associations. Actually I put music to page 666 of the swedish phonebook (Stockholm A-J).

The names in the phonebook gave the repetitive structure and then there is a melos which the strings play usually in unison.

Another interesting thing is that the second movement consists of exactly the same music that is in the first movement - but is played many times slower and a couple of octaves higher.
 First performed: Not performed
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